Hairdressing Journeyman

​complete course of hairdressing techniques

For people without experience who:

  • are looking for a practical, short, intensive course which will allow them to take up a job right after completing learning,
  • want to know the newest trends in hairdressing fashion and perform them by themselves,
  • are aware that both customers and employers expect from hairdressers practical skills and not theoretical knowledge,
  • want to acquire the Hairdressing Journeyman title
  • want to open their own hairdressing salon

Already in the first week you will learn: 9 techniques of blow-drying long, medium and short hair, techniques of scalp massage, and 3 care techniques. You will do 30 jobs on artificial heads and 2 jobs on models.

The following 7 weeks will be equally intensive. You will learn techniques of coloring, styling and women’s and men’s cutting. The course includes 404 hours of practice and 22 hours of theory. In total you will do 87 jobs on training heads and 67 jobs on female and male models. It’s worth to compare us with competition.

The classes will use a method aiming at acquiring maximum hairdressing skills, taking into account your predispositions and limitations. Tasks for you will be defined progressively, i.e. we require systematic work and constant progress in: technical correctness and times of completing a job.

You will be in a group of maximum 14 people, trained by 2 instructors.

At your disposal there will be a completely equipped hairdressing station, laboratory, set of professional cosmetics, hairdressing material, 10 artificial heads, 67 female and male models, 3 handbooks, room for learning, canteen, guest room, laundry, patio, parking place, smoking room.

The classes take place 6 days a week, except Sundays, from 9 a.m. till 8 p.m. On the last day, you can take a journeyman exam. The condition necessary to take the journeyman exam is to pass all tests within minimum times.

The course lasts 9 weeks: 4 weeks of learning + 1 week of rest + 4 weeks of learning.

85% of our graduates remain in the hairdressing profession.

The course costs PLN 13900.

The journeyman exam preparation and performance by the Craft Chamber costs PLN 700.

Price for a single room is PLN 1200.

We offer accommodation and full board free of charge (in 2-3 bed rooms). We serve 3 meals based on "Qi Diet" (

Additional charge for hiring hairdressing tools is PLN 300 (hand hairdryer, diffuser, iron 24 mm, cutting machine, straightener, scissors 5.5, thinning scissors, 3 combs, double-side flat brush, 3 round brushes, neck brush, fillings for updoes, sprayer).

Payment in 2 installments: 50% before the course (ensures participation in the course) and 50% in the 5th week of the course.

We assist in getting financing from labor offices.

Starting days of courses: 3.04.2017, 12.06.2017, 28.08.2017, 13.11.2017.

The course is conducted by: Beata Karpińska, Honorata Urbańska.
Manager of the course: Honorata Urbańska,
tel.: 533 30 49 75; 62 768 16 54

After completing Hairdressing Journeyman you can apply to the STYLIST program (see more)