First step in hairdressing profession

For people without experience who:

  • are looking for a practical, short, intensive course,
  • want to work as an assistant of an experienced hairdresser,
  • have been sent to the course by the salon’s owner or by the labor office.

Already in the first week you will learn: 9 techniques of blow-drying, 1 technique of scalp massage, and 3 hair care services. You will do 18 jobs on artificial heads and on models.

In the second week you will get to know: principles of colorimetry, 5 coloring techniques. You will do 16 jobs on artificial heads and on models.

The course includes: 92 hours of practice, 16 hours of theory, 34 jobs.

The classes will use a method aiming at acquiring maximum hairdressing skills, taking into account your predispositions and limitations. Tasks for you will be defined progressively, i.e. we require systematic work and constant progress in: technical correctness and times of completing a job.

You will be in a group of maximum 14 people, trained by 2 instructors.

At your disposal there will be a completely equipped hairdressing station, laboratory, set of professional cosmetics, hairdressing material, 3 artificial heads, 13 models, handbook, room for learning, canteen, guest room, laundry, patio, parking place, smoking room.

The course lasts 12 days, from 9 a.m. till 7 p.m. On the last day, you can take a final exam. The condition necessary to take the final exam is to pass all tests within minimum times.

The course costs PLN 3900.

Accommodation and full board free of charge ( in 2-3 bed rooms), for a single room additional charge of PLN 300.

Additional charge for hiring hairdressing tools is PLN 100 (hand hairdryer, 3 combs, double-side flat brush, 3 round brushes, neck brush, sprayer).

Payment: 100% before the course (ensures participation in the course). We assist in getting financing from labor offices or employers.

Starting days of courses: 3.04.2017, 12.06.2017, 28.08.2017, 13.11.2017.

The course is conducted by: Beata Karpińska, Honorata Urbańska.
Manager of the course: Honorata Urbańska,
tel.: 533 30 49 75; 62 768 16 54